Who this is for

This five-week workshop is for those looking to go deeper in the work of church renewal, ministry and justice.

This is a space to challenge ourselves to “Do the work your soul must have” — as Dr. Katie Cannon so brilliantly said. A womanist pioneer and theologian, Dr. Cannon worked with women of color to make a way out of no way, helping them to pursue vocations that didn’t follow traditional paths. If you’re such a person, someone who senses you have a calling but needs encouragement to pursue it, or community to believe in it and help build it — this workshop is an invitation to take the time to invest in yourself and to hear the call anew.

This workshop emerged out of 1-1s and small group conversations with those interested in working to restore women to the ordained ministry of the diaconate in the Catholic Church. So in a particular way, if the question of women’s ministry is important for you, this is a space to go deeper. It is also for those committed to the social justice tradition in the church.

We seek participants who yearn for deep, spiritual community and who see themselves as community builders. We want to trust what is emergent and give you space to work on a project that has been on your heart for some time, but for which you haven’t had the space and support to really plot it out and move it into the world. Our desire is to help strengthen our collective work for church reform, by nurturing leaders and those who are discerning their place. 

The Details

Important dates
October 19: Q&A session
October 21: Q&A session
November 7: Applications due
November 15: Applicants notified
November 16-20: Welcome & initial orientation to the password-protected website (minimal time commitment this week)
November 29 to December 18: Workshop in session (Weeks 1-3)
December 19 to January 2: Christmas break
January 2 to January 15: Workshop in session (Weeks 4-5)

Weekly workshop schedule
: receive the weekly prompt via email
Monday: contemplative prayer and communal sharing via Zoom (12:00-1:30 p.m. Eastern)
Tuesday: write a personal reflection (700 words or less) to share with the group on this website
Wednesday: meet with your learning group via Zoom (12:00-1:30 p.m. or 8:00-9:30 p.m. Eastern)
Thursday: respond to others’ posts on this website
Friday: write a second personal reflection that integrates your learning from the week

The workshop offers a space for deep connection, collaboration and discernment with other leaders through personal and communal reflection, contemplative prayer, written reflections and feedback from peers — all which strengthen our capacity for prophetic ministry and public witness.

Time involved

The time commitment is 8-10 hours a week, or more, depending on what you’re able to invest.

The workshop is about you. As with all things, you’ll get what you put into it. We expect the workshop can be done on top of a current full-time job and with a family. It can also be done in this strange time of anxiety, uncertainty and public health crisis.

In this space, we’ll attempt to resist knowing at the beginning where we will end up. But we’ll trust that when we show up to do deep work, when we listen well to one another, when we push and probe and challenge, when we care enough to do that for one another, when we risk dancing with some of our fears, then we can start to live into the dreams planted within our hearts. 

What if, for five weeks, you show up to do that kind of work? What seeds might be nurtured? How might we encourage each other to dream and to prophesy? To witness and to organize?

Our hope is to embody a vision for a synodal church: a people who are listening well and walking with each other, trusting in a God who has called us and who wants to lead us along the way.

Our commitment to you

We’re co-conspirators and co-laborers who walk along the way together. Coaches and spiritual directors will offer integral support for participants to get the most out of their time. 

The aim for this workshop is to create a generous group space where you can spend meaningful time working on your own project. The hope is to offer you the structure and accountability to share a piece of your vision in writing each week.

Then, other participants of the workshop will reflect back to you what they hear and see through generous open-ended questions and feedback. This feedback each week helps each participant cultivate a coaching posture, where we become more self-aware and help others become more aware of how they’re showing up and being perceived by others. In this way, our hope is that we help you get clearer on what you most want to contribute.

Most of all, we offer a community. With that, we hope to inspire and equip you with frameworks so that you can also build a deeply meaningful spiritual community that gives rise to a more vibrant and prophetic church.

Q&A Session

We are hosting one additional 30-minute Q&A session to share more about the workshop (what to expect, what’s the format, what is this even all about!) and to answer questions you might have as you consider dedicating precious time and energy in this workshop setting.

Click here to register for a 30-minute virtual Q&A session on Friday, November 6th, at 12:00 p.m. Eastern / 9:00 a.m. Pacific 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

If you can’t make the Q&A Group session, sign up for a 15-minute session with Casey to learn more & ask your questions!