The woman with the alabaster glass speaks

What if you didn’t ask permission?

What if you just went in, driven only by your love of Him, and knowing that His presence inside that house made it your home, too?

What if it didn’t matter who tried to stand in your way, or called you sinful, or told you that you should be grateful just to stand outside the house and hope to catch a glimpse of him?

What if you didn’t listen in the voices within and without telling you that you aren’t worthy and don’t belong?

What if your vision were so focused that their judgment and disapproval was irrelevant?

What if you were so madly in love you were unself-conscious about your audacity?

What if who approved and disapproved not only didn’t matter to you, but you didn’t even bother to notice?

What if you just enacted the truth of your life with your whole body, your whole voice?

What if you didn’t need them to like you – whoever “they” are?

What if you simply claimed your place of authority?

What if you owned the power that is your birthright as the Beloved of God?

What if your deep love for Jesus, and your knowing of his deep love for you burned like strong, clean fuel that flowed through your veins with every movement, every breath?

Jesus is there, waiting, ready to receive your hands, your tears, your hair, the perfumed oil you carry in trembling hands.

Jesus is there, feet outstretched, tired of followers who are tidy and nice and polite and self-righteous.

Jesus is there, hungry for your embrace, and exhausted by all the posturing and showing off.

Jesus is there, waiting for something honest, something true, something good, something extravagant.

Jesus is there, extending you peace and proclaiming: your faith has saved you.

2 thoughts on “The woman with the alabaster glass speaks

  1. Dear Rhonda,

    I can hear the longing and challenge in your reflection, given to you and to all who have been beaten down by others and by the inner voices that we sometimes listen to, but would be better to be ignored. It feels like a call to great love, courage and trust that what is promised to her is also promised to us – to you. May you find the courage to hear His voice and no one else’s. Go forth bravely! Blessings.

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