In celebration and hope . . .

Few words in this last reflection . . . only what I feel —

. . . . DELIGHT in all you are, each one of you a masterpiece-in-the-making — from the clay of your stories, your searching, your wounds and your scars, your anger and tears, your joy and laughter, the possibilities you are dreaming and working for yourself and others.

. . . GRATITUDE for all the glorious graced diversity and richness of our collective being-while-discerning|dreaming|scheming — in writing and responding, in reflection and conversation, in questions and challenge, at a distance yet so near. In these five weeks, the Divine Potter, with the willing labor and gentle touch of Casey and Luke, made of us more than we could ever have been alone.

. . . HOPE because the Eternal Artisan is not yet done with us, individually or collectively. What great art will emerge from those loving hands remains to be seen in all its glory. Later, when separated by time or distance or circumstance, even by death into eternal life, whether or not we ever learn what paths the others walk, God’s Kin-dom will have been brought closer by our time together. I count you all among the cloud of witnesses, the communion of saints, who by your stories, your integrity, and your work give me courage and determination to live my own call.

To each and to all of you, GRACED BE.

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