Week 3 –

Organize a transformational conversation about the image of God and the role of women in the church in my diocese by:

1) Hone and focus the conversation by doing it in 75 to 100 one to one conversations about it.

2) Build a team to work on this with me.

3) Create a forum – Organize 3-5 forums in Catholic spaces. Test, reflect, evaluate and create a template to be used more broadly.

4) Advance this topic inside of our Archdiocesan synod in relationship with Archbishop Hebda.

5) Say yes to the invitation to preach at St Joan of Arc Catholic Church and get it scheduled. (near Feast of St Phoebe? )

6) sit with the idea of doing an audit and map out how to create it.

7) Figure our how to stay connected to this group in a meaningful way.

2 thoughts on “Week 3 –

  1. This is an amazing list and I see the transformation and organization coming from the conversations we’ve had in our small group. I especially love number 5, because you have such a prophetic word to speak to your community!

  2. One day I hope to give you a big hug. I love the one on one conversations. Your call to hear women’s voice is so heartening. Thank you. I also look forward to hearing you preach!! AMEN!!

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