Soliciting Collaborators

My Fellow Beloved and “Belovers”,

I have a dream for myself, my Catholic Church, and the world.  I want to share with you my dream in case it resonates with you.  If it does, I hope you’ll contact me and let me know.  

I dream of belonging to a community that is like a huge, welcoming garden.  It is there ready to receive all kinds of plants.  From seeds to seedlings, to even full-grown plants.  The garden’s desire is to nurture each one to be the plant it’s meant to be!  

I dream of a group of people who collaborate to discern the proper conditions needed for the plant to bloom, grow, and thrive…and work to provide it!  

In this dream, I’m both a plant in the garden and a fellow gardener.  I dream of a community where everyone is accompanied, and all accompany.  

In this community we acknowledge that we are all called and co-responsible.  We all have value and dignity and a deep personal relationship with the Divine.  We invite participation based on discernment of desires, capacity, gifts and talents.   

We share life in community without necessarily having to live together.  We’ll consider what the religious communities are doing and see what seems right for us.

I have some ideas of my own and I’m open to it being shaped by others.  I am, by no means, an expert on anything and know that I need people to collaborate with.  I’m a high-scoring extrovert whose creative outlet are concepts and ideas but need incarnated beings to process it with.  

I know, however, that I want to pray and worship solely in inclusive language.  I’m not so well-versed in this yet, but I know that I want to speak it fluently.  It’s my preferred language of choice for the community.

I welcome all possible collaborators – lay, religious, ordained, and the other.  I want to create a community that recognizes we are all called to a life of union and participation.  We live this individually and communally.  This community would be a supplement to what you already have in your life.  Our desire is to provide a fertile ground for you to grow and thrive.  

If you’re seeking companions in your life’s journey of following The Way, The Truth, and The Life, please let me know.  I’d love to hear your story and the movement of the Holy Spirit within you.

Your Sister in Christ,


3 thoughts on “Soliciting Collaborators

  1. Rose, I would love to collaborate with your community. I want others to help me grow. I know we can become a beautiful garden that praises God with all our hearts. I especially want to learn the inclusive language that you talk about and I hope you will help build it correctly into our prayer times. I would like to suggest a prayer time that will acknowledge the women on “whose shoulders we stand” and any women we can name who might not always be recognized for the service that they do. Maybe we can keep in touch via email. Looking forward to growing that garden!
    -Barbara Belle

  2. You’re literally a Rose in this beautiful garden that will bloom and grow beyond your wildest dreams! I’m so happy for the clarity that continues to grow for you. I support you and believe in you.

    My invitation is for you to reflect on your closing words, “Your Sister in Christ”. What does it mean for you to be a “Sister in Christ”?

    Thank you again for your leadership, your commitment and your authenticity in our small group! I look forward to all that is to come!

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