My dearest Stephanie

Dear my dearest Stephanie,

How wonderful you are. How wonderful are the women who surround you. How wonderful is the family that supports you. How wonderful is the man you have chosen to spend your life with. And, how great is the one you call God.

Relish in God’s love for you and for all of creation. Return to lectio divina – pray with Jesus as teacher and be among those who learn from him. Rely on the Spirit – may it give you the courage and expel those movements of the dark spirit who taunts you and lures you into believing you are an imposter.

Be light. Be love. You are a minister of presence. That is the core of who you are. Let go of worldly and professional benchmarks that cause you anxiety and nourish the gifts of you have. Be the listener you are born to be. Be the humble servant who does the will of God and pray to learn the ways to usher in the Kingdom of God on earth.

You love deeply and you surround yourself with others who love deeply – don’t forget that. When temptation to judge and divide manifests itself, call on God and ask for grace. Continue to ask for the graces you need. Don’t forget to make the time to name the graces you need – that means quiet alone time (even as you approach marriage)!

Pray, pray often, and pray with others.

As it is often said, God loves you and God desires to be in relationship with you – let yourself evolve in your understanding of this. Open yourself to the creative ways of God and do not compare to previous experiences of God. They are all blessings and offer you spiritual gifts.

I love you and you are divine.


4 thoughts on “My dearest Stephanie

  1. Stephanie – what beautiful affirmations you have written here about your own belovedness in/with/through God: in your relationship with your fiance, in community, in ministry.

    You seem to have a strong sense of the voice of the false spirit and the lies that can come – making unhelpful comparisons, the beliefs that you aren’t the real deal, that you aren’t enough. You also have a sense of the practices that support you in intimacy with God: lectio divina, quiet time alone, service to others that comes out of your core, solitary and group prayer. That knowledge is powerful.

    I wonder if you might want to copy these words into a journal, or into a prayer book, or somewhere else where you might return to them? I wonder how and when and where you want to name the graces you are asking for – together with a spiritual director? In an altar/prayer space? Daily in a rhythm of private prayer?

    May you grow in openness, creativity, love, Stephanie.

  2. Stephanie!!!! You know what it is to have a network of strong women behind you. May you continue to find ways to widen the circle and share it with others. May you always know the gift you are. I can’t wait to see what life continues to unfold for you and how you thoroughly live it.


  3. Stephanie, this makes me so happy. You truly are wonderful and I love that you know that. I look forward to continuing to sharing your journey.

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