Week 5 – in faith, hope, love and GRATITUDE

Dear sister discerners, dreamers and schemers –

Thank you for creating this space and time.

Thank you for your inspiring witness.

Thank you for your deep sharing and vulnerability.

Thank you for the support, encouragement, and connection we share.

Thanks for the powerful and prayerful Monday gatherings and all who shared their gifts in creating and leading – especially Casey and Luke.

Even though I was not able to fully engage in the writing after week 3 and missed our small group gathering today, I am firmly anchored in continuing my path to ordination in the UCC because of our time ‘together’ across the time zones.

I am linking to my final polity class reflection paper which was due today. It is rather lengthy and does answer some of why UCC?

I also am linking to a paper I wrote during my MA studies on the Roman Catholic Women priests movement.  

I hope and pray you continue to live into the way our good and gracious God is calling you.

In faith, hope, love and deepest gratitude,


4 thoughts on “Week 5 – in faith, hope, love and GRATITUDE

  1. Yes – thank you, Mimi! It is good to hear more about your draw to the UCC – not just a moving away from the Catholic institution, but what it is about the UCC tradition that allures you. A few phrases which stood out to me from your polity class reflection paper.

    “coming home” in the title of your reflection

    “It is worth striving for unity in the Body of Christ.”

    “…commitment to co-create the kin-dom of God that Jesus called people to experience…”

    “… However the rest of the world describes you, and however you describe yourself: You are a beloved child of God and are welcome at First Church.”

    “…My experience of growing in my identity as a child of God and a Christ-follower is that it translates into all aspects of my life and fosters a sense of connection to all creation – and a heart especially for those who are vulnerable, struggling and materially deprived – an expansive love and welcome for all.”

    “To not be told what you have to believe, but instead to be invited and guided in discovery of your beliefs fosters a more active spirituality and faith-life.”

    “I am totally convinced that the spiritual quest cannot be an exclusively private or personal endeavor.”

    “The areas I noted when watching and reading were: democratic principles, education, abolition, civic engagement, racial equality, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, unity, and mission aid societies (in school, hospitals and churches.) The common thread of these, which has been born out in my life experience, is that loving God and loving neighbor means working for peace and justice in our world.”

    A wondering I offer: is there more healing and letting go that God is inviting you to about your own experience in Catholic contexts so that you can move into this new chapter in the UCC context with greater freedom?

    Thank you and may you continue to be graced with tears of consolation in your journey, Mimi!

  2. Mimi,

    Thanks so much for sharing and being a part of our small groups. You are clearly living into this exciting new role that seems to come natural to you. I sense so much joy in your finding a home in this all-embracing community. I liked reading the covenant of welcome at your UCC church. Great specifics, there.

    I admire you for seeking to live with integrity – that is living out the fullness of your call! And tears of consolation as evidence of your homecoming. I am so happy for you and it has been a privilege to get a window into your spiritual and life journey.

    May you continue to relish in the God who is so connected with not just “I” but “us”… and continue to be nourished by the Spirit alive in faith and free to move.

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