Songs For Your Journey

Dear Catherine,

You like music. Don’t forget that. Your first memories of speaking are really of you singing! Here are some songs that speak to your journey now, the graces you’ve found in this “DDS” workshop, songs that you can continue to turn to. Keep walking, keep listening to the songs the Holy Spirit puts in your heart, keep singing and dancing, keep crying when you need to, trusting that Jesus is shepherding you and everyone. 

DISCERNMENT This is the song you prayed as you entered into this workshop and it has continued to surface as a prayer of discernment… 

Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, what God has ready for those who love him. 

Spirit of Love, come give us the mind of Jesus. Teach us the Wisdom of God. 

…Remember the power of the Still Small Voice that is your conscience. Your secret sanctuary where God speaks to you. Form it well through relationships with God and others. Trust it. Speak simply from this place.


“It feels like home to me…”

…Totally cheesy song from How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days which I recently watched while staying in the home my sister is creating with her boyfriend. It reminds me of my own desire for the gift of having someone in flesh and bones that loves and cares for me. A desire that has surfaced at this time, and that feels very much a part of me. A desire for the sort of love that is mutually liberating and brings new life. Like what my sister has found. I see that their relationship has helped her come home to herself. (I’m ready for my maid of honor toast :p ) What a grace.


In my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me, speaking words of wisdom: Let it Be.” (for the nonCatherine’s reading this, if you click on any of these links I recommend this one) 

…In a roundabout way, my prayer today led me to this video. I went on a walk and asked Jesus where he was in the “battleground” of recent news… “I am crying out [in the subtext]” is what I heard as an initial answer… and then this song from Across the Universe came to me and I sang it while I walked. Later, I looked up the song and watched the video… wow. yep. speaks to the many layers of tragedy, heartbreak that is woven into the fabric of our country.

Mother Mary, come to us. Mary reaches out to all of her people. Mary wants us to know the comfort of God. Mary comes to us in times of rupture. Mary bridges. Catherine, when you are grieving for this divided country, this broken world, a broken heart, remember you can call on Mother Mary. 

Shepherd me oh God, beyond my wants, beyond my fears from death into life. 

And trust yourself from this place of being Shepherded. You can shepherd too. You’ve done it before 🙂 Remember those Sophomores at Salesian 😀 <3

Proud of you. Keep going.


2 thoughts on “Songs For Your Journey

  1. Dear Catherine – this is powerful. I wonder if you might want to copy it by hand into your journal, or put it in a place where you can return to it?

    I realize in some ways you are addressing some of what the small group discussion prompt invited: the spiritual practices that nourish you in the journey: listening to music (where the Spirit can sing to you), walking, dancing, crying – unashamed and in deep trust.

    You have a sense of that home, that secret sanctuary. I wonder if there is a word or an object which might ground and remind of that in moments when it gets hard to remember Jesus’ shepherding presence and Mary’s compassionate companionship?

    So grateful to share the journey with you, Catherine, and looking forward to continuing to live into our preaching lives together.

  2. You CAN shepherd too. Love these songs that will carry you as you begin this journey. Looking forward to sharing more.

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