I Have Started

I really don’t know whether I will ever finish my funeral planning book but I HAVE STARTED.  I wrote an opening telling my story and I set up a new folder called book.  I started transferring readings, starting with the Old Testament.  decided that I am more of a paper person than a computer person so I have made the decision to print things, get the references correct etc. and then edit it in the computer.  It is kind of like this work.  I write in word and then cut and paste into Called to Conspire

So I have learned a few things for all you wonderful conspirators.  I have learned that I am not as alone as I sometimes think. Thanks for the encouragement.

  Last week I talked about my friend who has been so hurt in her church job.  I talked to her today and she had another job interview yesterday.  She feels good about the interview and thinks she will get the job.  She also said that she will only enter a church to go to her friend’s funerals. She is done with church. I understand.  I cannot give up the community, but I sure could give up church.  I said to her today that I think we should start a house church and she said she would be in with that. This is what the institution has done to so many.  It is very painful to me.

2 thoughts on “I Have Started

  1. “she will only enter church to go to her friend’s funerals.”

    This struck me. I realize that there are several funerals that I’ve attended that were actually evangelizing.

    They were powerful reminders that the Holy Spirit IS a consoler, that death is NOT the end, that God is present in our grief, that the liturgical life and tradition of the church can be a vehicle for profound comfort in seasons of radical disorientation. And that when families feel well cared for, supported and loved through the time of death and tragedy, their own faith can be renewed in surprising, unforeseen ways.

    I am consoled and heartened that you have begun the writing. It seems wise to put pen to paper, to WRITE, then to allow the editing and refining and sharing to live in word documents electronically 🙂

    Grateful you were able to see that there is more gift for you to offer the world — look forward to reading your resource when it’s complete, and sharing with others!!

    Sending encouragement to see your work through to completion!

    In peace,

  2. I so appreciate how you have made the distinction between “church” and “community” and responded with compassion and deep empathy to your friend’s pain and disappointment.

    The seed of the idea of house church sounds promising. Where is Jesus calling you in nurturing this seed? Besides you and your friend, are there stirrings of others you want to invite into the conversation? What is the dream that you and Jesus might dream together for this house church?

    May you always remember that you are not alone – what a beautiful consolation from your participation in this community! How might you return to the grace and encouragement you have experienced?

    Blessings upon blessings, Ruth!

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