Seeking Good: A Guide to the Good Life

Hello everyone, thank you again for this journey we’ve been on together. Below is a draft of the Table of Contents and Preface to the book I’m writing (if you’d be interested in contributing to a chapter, please let me know):

Preface/Note from the author:  Thank you for your efforts.  As you pick up this book, whether your life looks exactly how you imagined or you’ve encountered more obstacles than you expected, you deserve a moment to be appreciated for the good that you’ve done.  

From a young age I desired to have a life that many people dream about.  The kind of life surrounded by the people I love with lots of fun and without financial stress, in other words I dreamed about what many would call “the good life”.  In many ways, I do have that life, but in many ways I am also continuing to seek a truly good life.  From the time I was able to intentionally desire and dream about my future, I found myself internally conflicted because of a set of beliefs that proved incompatible.  I had a belief that to be a “good person” I needed to sacrifice all of my own desires.  I also had a belief that achieving the success I desired would involve primarily seeking my own desires at the expense of others.  Fortunately, for me, and for you, neither of these beliefs are ultimately true.

The journey from these early beliefs to the beliefs that are woven throughout the pages of this book was challenging, but as we often hear, the journey is often more important than the destination.  The journey has involved success, failure, tragedy, confusion, frustration, joy, anger, love and the list could go on.  The list could go on because a few short words can’t fully describe the fullness of over 20 years of seeking, but the list can also go on because I’m still on the journey.  When I began the journey, I did not consider myself a seeker.  I began the journey as a young man with a pretty clear sense of the world and I was simply going into the world to get out of it what I needed.  As you might imagine, my sense of the world and my place in it have been turned inside out and broken apart on multiple occasions.  At this stage of the journey I’ve come to appreciate the need to slow down, reflect, ask for help and offer support whenever the opportunity meets my ability.   

As you read this book, we hope that it offers you what you seek at each step on your journey.  Throughout these pages you may notice a shift between “I” and “we” statements.  We intend to primarily use “we” statements when we are confident that what is being said is either pretty universal or has been the experience of multiple people that I, the primary author, could reference.  I will use “I” statements when I’m personally intending to communicate directly to you, the reader, as if we were sitting together or walking along discussing what’s on our mind and heart.  Again, this book will hopefully become a space where we can meet and support each other, especially when the journey becomes difficult.

In this book we hope to offer you a few important things for the next steps in your journey.  First, we intend to offer proven habits of mind and body that will support whatever you intend to accomplish.  Second, we intend to demonstrate the natural rhythm of life and achievement so that you have a healthy perspective on what’s possible while also ensuring that you don’t get discouraged if your journey unfolds differently than you intend.  Third, we offer a partnership.  You are not alone and your experiences on this journey can be shared with us within the pages of this book or in future gatherings of seekers online and in person.

I personally wish you all the best that life has to offer.  Whether you read it in these pages or you hear it from someone you trust, I hope you can learn to recognize the fullness of your own goodness.  I also hope that you can share your goodness with the world as it will truly make the world a better place.

What do we mean by seeking good?

What good are you seeking?

How to use this book

Seeking good habits of thought

Seeking good sleep

Seeking good food

Seeking good exercise

Seeking good work

Seeking good fun

Seeking good friends

Seeking good intimate relationships

Seeking good faith communities

Seeking good support

Seeking good mentors

Seeking good in others

Seeking good in oneself

Seeking good prayer


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  1. Dear Daniel,

    Congratulations! It seems you have begun your good work! I think it’s a great idea and I encourage you to keep going. I think this will be a good resource for those others who also seek the good in life, Count me in to collaborate if it will help! Blessings.

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