Fragmented Letters of Hope

Dear blessed one who anointed the feet of Jesus:

Thank you for being present with me the past few days, and months, and years. Thank you for teaching me how to anoint, and teaching me that I do in fact have the power to anoint, bless, and make holy. 

I want to be poured out like the oil you used to anoint Jesus’s feet. I feel like I have been trapped inside the alabaster jar for too long, and yet being in that jar has only made my aroma stronger. That jar can’t hold me anymore. I am too precious and too valuable to not be put to good use. I have to be poured into the world. Yet, even in my desire to be poured out I feel hesitation. There is a fear that I will become empty. How will I be filled up if I am being poured out?

What was it like when Jesus told you, “your faith has saved you, go in peace”? What did you do after your encounter with Jesus? Will you teach me to be courageous like you?

Dear Women Who Stay, 

Thank you for staying and fighting for change. I love you with my whole heart and soul for the work you are doing. You are my sisters and I want to stay in touch. I need you to remind me of where I came from and also to help me on my new journey. As Mary Oliver says in her poem “Wild Geese” -“Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.” Tell me your despair but also your joy and I will tell you mine. 

Dear Episcopal Church, 

I think I would like to join your church. I should tell you that I come carrying a lot of baggage, and if I took it to the airport I’m sure it would be too bulky and  overweight. I would like to leave this baggage at the door, but that just isn’t realistic. I have a lot of healing I need to do, but I have hope that this  move will help since Jesus has assured me he would like to come too. My wife is already Protestant and very excited to come as well. I’m looking forward to getting to know you,  but I could use some help with this. Any ideas what parish to join, what books to read, new ways to pray? 

You should know that I have ulterior motives in joining your denomination. I also think I might make a good priest. We can talk about this more when we get to know one another. 

In Peace,

Elaina Jo

4 thoughts on “Fragmented Letters of Hope

  1. I love all this. And I love being able to put down the armor I’ve been wearing all my life when I walk into my local Episcopal Church. I don’t feel like I have to fight inside those walls. But my armor is still outside the door and I have to put it back on whenever I leave the sanctuary. I wonder if that’s how it will be with your baggage.

  2. May you go forward anointing. May our prayers hold you, anoint you and send you forward with joy!

  3. Oh I can’t wait to connect with you about this–I think your baggage will be most welcome and there will even be collaborators greeting you who will help carry it until you decide you don’t actually need it anymore. <3

  4. “I feel like I have been trapped inside the alabaster jar for too long, and yet being in that jar has only made my aroma stronger.”
    I love the idea that as women live into their call that we will all be able to smell it! We will be breathing different air! And we will be able to experience things anew!

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