Gather them Close

Today, with some quiet, a pen, and blank pages before me, this prayer emerged.  These are words I felt God speaking to my heart, affirming my call and inviting me to deeper relationship. 

In my post last week, I wrote about wanting to write prayers that I can share with our school community to help guide families toward a deeper sense of God’s presence.  I wrote, “I want to listen to the Spirit as it moves in my heart and in our community and reflect that back in this work.”  My writing today feels like a first step toward that deeper listening and sharing. 

I hope that this post honors that work of listening to God and writing words that hold beauty and meaning for the community.  (Please forgive the irregular spacing, below. I’m struggling with the Word Press formatting here.)

My dear one,

Listen and you will hear my voice,

I am with you and I am real.

You need to listen and to write.

My words bring healing and truth,

         and the world needs healing and truth.

The world needs my words—

my words through you.

Listen and write and share.

When you listen, you will know my peace.

When you rest, you will know my strength

— Strength comes from rest—

As your muscles heal with rest after exercise,

your heart will heal when you rest in me,

and you will have strength and endurance for the work.  


I am the answer to every question you ask.

Do not stop asking, but do not forget that I am the way through.

Love with my love.

Speak with my words.

Seek me.

So much is new and different and scary for you. 

I am the same, always.

And I make things new.

And I make you new,

a new creation.

Trust that I am with you.

Darkness and light are the same for me — I am in all things.

I never stray from your side.

Pay attention!



Be quiet—really quiet

And still.

You will find me in the stillness

and the peace I offer can be yours.


As you sit with me, you will remember who you are because you will know who I am.

I am love and peace

But I am also power –

power to love

power to bring peace

power to create and transform

power to heal and reconcile

Sometimes the power is dramatic; a seismic upheaval.

Sometimes it is slow and enduring; a river carving a canyon.

Pay attention that you recognize my work: my power, my peace, my love.

The Spirit is with you and in you, my dear one.

My power is your strength

 —Strength comes from my power—

Stay close, little one.

Come nearer.

I am the way forward.


You are not alone.

I am with you,

And there are others I will call forth to do this work with you.

But do not doubt that you — with your particular gifts, perspective, and experiences — are essential for this task.

I have called YOU.

This is your work.  This is my work in you.

My work is your work. 

Find those who share in my love.

Gather them close,

         learn from one another,

         share your joys and burdens,

         cry and laugh and dance,

         create a community where life will flourish.

I want all my children to know me.

Help them to draw near to me –

Show them that my ways are the ways of life and love and abundance.

Show them that they are not alone in their pain and their heartache.

Show them they are not forgotten.

Show them they are loved—loved deeply—and worthy of that love.

Show them that all are welcome and that there is always space at the

table for another chair.

Offer this welcome.

Set the table.

Join my feast.

I am abundant.

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  1. Jeanne, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful prayer with us! It speaks so much to my heart and I know it IS what we all need to hear from our God! May it sink deeply in you so that you may LIVE it out!! Blessings.

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