Roadmap to making my dream a reality

I realize now that this dream has always been inside me. For many, many reasons, this dream I have carried — consciously and unconsciously, at times — haven’t fully been given life until now.

I see now that all that has happened has been a gift leading to this moment.

My desire is to join/form a church community that’s an adjunct to my parish community. In this church community, we are all called equally and have mutual co-responsibility.


  1. To share this dream with others (one-on-one or in small groups) to see if I can find people who share the desire and have capacity for it. I will schedule 2 “house meetings” between now and July 31st to identify leaders and interested parties.
  2. To find at least 2 other people who will shepherd this with me (I think I already have them identified.) and to launch on July 31st, the feast of St. Ignatius, with a zoom meeting to gather with everyone for a conversation and to experience this new church community.

Benefit for me: A church community where my voice is valued and with whom I can collaborate.

Obstacles to overcome: willingness to adapt my vision to fit the needs of people; willingness for my vision to be stretched in ways unknown to me.

Skills and knowledge required: None at this time. I do have a desire to become a better communicator.

Who work with: Shelley, Mary, Elizabeth

One thought on “Roadmap to making my dream a reality

  1. Rose – thank you for naming the dream which you have been carrying inside for so long. We are privileged and blessed to witness is! The words “mutual co-responsibility” made my heart sing – they resonate with the way we have been thinking about power together. Your next steps so doable and specific, even including the names of Shelley, Mary, and Elizabeth as those to whom you will reach out. I love that you have July 31, Ignatius’ feast day, as a launch day.

    What is your dream for this community? How do you envision being together, doing together, feeling together, sharing together? Is there anything you want to take from this “Discern Dream Scheme” community experience or other faith-sharing contexts to nurture the vision? Blessings upon blessings, Rose!

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