Reflection on goals

I am so grateful to my group for helping me to examine more clearly what motivates me toward my goals. I did not find it hard to articulate my goals, but it wasn’t until our group discussion that I really thought about what made those goals so important for me.

There have been a few times in my life when I have been deeply hurt by someone whom I loved deeply (my parents) or respected greatly (my superior in the novitiate). These were people acting in accord with their Catholic beliefs. I was left to wonder how can my Catholic faith be such a source of pain and grief and wound me so deeply. I abandoned my practice of the faith for a while as I searched for answers. Ultimately I realized that what I believed the church was meant to be could only happen through the actions of the body of Christ and I was a part of the body of Christ.

I have only recently shared some of these wounding experiences with some family and close friends, having repressed some of the memories for many years. That has been healing and brought a feeling of relief and freedom that has been so affirming for me.

Through conversations this past week with some family and friends I felt the Spirit moving and giving me concrete opportunities to take some of the actions to which I committed in my response. I feel energized and comfortable that God is working with me and through me. God is also working through and with this group and my parish community and I feel so blessed to be supported by both.

2 thoughts on “Reflection on goals

  1. Amen, Pat! It is beautiful that you are experiencing God working through you!
    I think that the experiences which formed your goals are important stories.

  2. Pat, happy for you that you could talk openly about the hurts you experienced in life with family and friends. I think it is freeing when you can speak about painful memories you’ve kept to yourself for so long–you’re releasing them so friends and family can share them, and they no longer are a burden to you.

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