Week 4 Reflection Script – my micromovement wheels are rollin!

It’s been so inspiring to read about everyone’s goals this week! I’m amazed by the power of simply naming our dreams and goals in a shared and supportive community. And now to see our words becoming flesh, there is a palpable kinetic energy building!

I’ve been taking tiny daily actions for the past few days according to SARK’s micromovement method and it feels really good! I included a photo of my micromovement wheel for the week and I feel proud of all the little check marks 🙂

In our Oak learning group gathering on Wednesday, Maria observed that with each little micromovement, the wheel rolls forward. This is such a helpful framing for me! I can feel stuck when I can’t see beyond the next curve in the road, let alone the destination. But in giving my energy to these tiny revolutions of the wheel, I find myself settling into a new rhythm and a deeper trust in the movement.

I’ve sketched out my micromovement wheel for next week too – sharing it here for accountability:

5 thoughts on “Week 4 Reflection Script – my micromovement wheels are rollin!

  1. Thank you for these visuals, Claire. Its motivating and helpful to see how the wheel can look , and I appreciate the variety of items you have here. Keep micromovin! I hope and trust it will move into some beautiful growth.

  2. Claire, I have never heard of the MicroMovements process. This is great. Thanks for sharing it with us. I can hear the delight and hope in your reflection. Your wheels are rollin!

  3. Wow, I feel a lot of movement and inspiration. I have not followed your walk but I’d love to have a one-on-one with you at some point in time, after this workshop.

  4. Your wheel, which I like a lot, reminds me of early movie animation done on thousands of individual drawings on cels layered and then photographed to create movement. And no, I wasn’t alive then! Some cool documentaries on YouTube, including one narrated by Angela Landsbury on the making of Snow White in 1938.

  5. The wheels are moving and you are rolling ahead, beautiful Claire! Rejoicing in the check marks and the micromovements towards love, peace, freedom, and justice that they signify!

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