There is so much more I want to tell you…

I have heard Jesus say, “there is so much more I want to tell you” (John 16:12) which fills me with hope in the vision God has for me. Some of these dreams/goals I have discerned via some Scripture companions in contemplation in this workshop…

I want to run with the Samaritan Woman to tell the others. To be someone who lives from a place of intimacy with Jesus and is so filled with life in the love he has for her, it overflows out of her. She moves with freedom. She speaks with a conviction that she knows in her body. I dream that the feminine and masculine spirit and flesh contribute to the leadership of our home, the Church. I dream of a Church in which being a priest and being married could be lived out together regardless of gender.  I dream for the bones to come to life and for the temple to be a place that is safe of abuse and a home for all people to thrive. 

I had a great desire in our first prayer, to remain with Samuel next to God. The place of deepest peace, security, rest. I feel I belong there. I am drawn to its gentle light. To be in contemplation and prayer. In real life, I also desire to come to life in the space of the Church that is alive in the Holy Spirit, that is truly safe, a refuge. I would consider deaconing if it were available to me, but it is not an immediate goal or dream, nor is preaching. There are other things I see myself doing first…But I would like to stay engaged in this topic and hold onto it as the ultimate dream/goal so long as it remains in me. 

Like Hannah, I hope to remember that my dreams and yearnings for myself and Church have been born in tears. Remember these moments  – don’t push them aside because God is there. 

In this next year I have a new teaching job and many unknowns I will need to adjust to, but  I think a part of finding my place in “the temple” will mean fulfilling my parish ministry job with pride and openness, shepherding young people toward Confirmation in the Church (St. Don Bosco pray for me), finding people to connect with and being open to growing in my leadership role there. All the while being aware of new openings for my growth outside of youth ministry. I definitely do not see this as a forever position, but a beginning. 


  • The goal: OWN my parish job and lead with pride. Be open to how the spirit works as
  • I become a Church leader, who leads with love, confidence, and a collaborative spirit. 
  • Obstacles: my own negative attitude, assuming parents will be unhappy, assuming  students will not care, lack of great reputation or much genuine connection to the parish family, Covid-19.
  • Skills/Knowledge: Facilitating prayer and reflection and faith conversations w/ young people, retreat planning, service planning, Engage with local Church and Global happenings (find some good news sources), maybe learn how to acolyte
  • People/Groups: Kindle connections with staff members and local catechists/teachers, organize parish volunteers, be open to continued P.D. w/ J.S.T.
  • Plan of Action: in prep for the fall, reach out to Mary M., finish P.D. course on the brain of young people, connect with Lori, dedicate three hours a week to visioning and planning programs for fall.  Be open w/ Fr. Leo and/or  Re about the women’s diaconate, and look for support or avenues to make change.
  • Deadline: ongoing, but 4hrs. per week of planning should happen until August 1.

I dream of continuing to pursue the Word and finding avenues to reflect and write or speak. This might mean further Scripture study down the road, it might mean my own writing projects, it might mean a preaching workshop, it might mean something I have not yet discovered. For now, its related to another  #GOAL of finishing a chapter for a book for a friend describing my Conversion of the Heart. Deadline for draft 1: July 15. AND it will certainly be lived out as I teach Christian Scriptures to high schoolers in the fall. 

#GOAL I want to grow as a servant leader, especially those in need of love and support, those God has placed in my immediate circle and outside of it. Perhaps engage with or re-enliven a Sant’egidio near me.  To find regular service to fulfill with my young adult group. I plan to talk to Ella about this.

6 thoughts on “There is so much more I want to tell you…

  1. It seems that the fruitfulness of your engagement with these worthy goals all depends on what you named so profoundly in the second and third paragraphs of your post:

    “To be someone who lives from a place of intimacy with Jesus and is so filled with life in the love he has for her, it overflows out of her.”

    “to remain with Samuel next to God. The place of deepest peace, security, rest. I feel I belong there.”

    That is your source. You know it. If you stay there, and keep drawing from that source, I have no doubt you will do Jesus’ works and even “greater ones” (John 14:12)!

    Also, let’s talk sometime about doing something on the women’s diaconate at your parish! 🙂

  2. Catherine, “there is so much more I want to tell you” – what beautiful words to hear.

    I hear a connection between your goal to “own your parish job and lead with pride” and the companion of the Samaritan women. She was so transformed from her encounter with Jesus that she left her water jugs and went to proclaim what she had experienced. How do you embody this same stance as you own your position of leadership in the parish? What graces might you ask the Samaritan woman to intercede for you as you move towards this goal?

    Given what you have shared in our small group and in previous posts, I affirm your desire and giftedness in “continuing to pursue the Word” as a place of overflow from the life of God in you as – like Samuel, like the Samaritan woman – you grow as a prophet in your writing, in your parish leadership, and in other opportunities that you and God co-create together.

  3. Thank you for these questions Rhonda. Graces I ask for: Freedom, joy, courage, light. A closeness with Jesus who is with me in my internal struggles, sees me lovingly as we move through and beyond political and social categories that confine & divide myself and the world. His great love makes those things small and surmountable.

  4. I also love your call from Jesus “I have so much more to tell you.” Such a sweet invitation. Praying with you as you journey especially for the beautiful graces you are asking for.

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