Small Enough to Matter

I am an aspiring feminist theologian. I spent ten years of my recent past and a chunk of my childrens’ inheritance pursuing advanced degrees in theology. I have often wondered if the work I was doing towards realizing my aspiration and trying to effect change in the Roman Catholic church was big enough to matter. In reading the guidance for this week’s prompt, I came across some advice that resonated with me…is my work small enough to matter? Working full time, enjoying time with my family and friends, and engaging in a hobby or two doesn’t leave me with a lot of time to reform the Catholic church! But I can do small things in a big way. The Bible has many examples of small things making big impacts. Think of the little woven basket in Exodus 2 – which Moses’ mother used to hide him from those who wanted to drown him. Think of the boy from John 6:9. He had “5 small barley loaves and 2 small fish” that Jesus used to feed 5 thousand people. Think of what Jesus said in Matthew 17:20 – “…For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

I was once told by a colleague whom I had finally met in person after many years that I “sound a lot bigger on the phone” to which I replied that “it doesn’t take a lot of dynamite to make a big bang.” So I will do small things starting with returning to the practice of taking 30-60 minutes every morning before work to read from my extensive library of unread feminist theology books. Another small step I will take to resume my journey is to re-engage with FutureChurch, a step I have already taken and which led me to this workshop. The third small step I will take is to return to my custom of taking at least one annual retreat. It’s a little tough right now as we work our way through COVID but there are options.

Are these goals small enough to matter? Time will tell!

4 thoughts on “Small Enough to Matter

  1. Maybe there are no small things.
    8 kids sat down at a lunch counter.
    Three queer women start a hashtag.

    Simple can be significant.

    So grateful for your commitment to continue on!! And keep finding steps to take.

  2. Proud of you, Barb! In order to go anywhere, you must start with one step. No matter how small or large it may be, as long as you take the step, you will begin to move forward! Keep going. Who knows where the Spirit will lead you!

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