Discern Dream Scheme Week 4 – Incarnation – Diane

As I returned to my Vision it moves me closer to realizing that perhaps a place for me to land is with the concept of fractals (per Adrienne maree brown in Emergent Strategy). A fractal is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales.  “….that what we practice at the small scale sets the patterns for the whole system.”(pg. 53)

As a 78 year old woman, I do not have the energy or the stamina to engage in a process of transformation of this faith tradition. I love what Call to Action is framing  (Education, Lobbying, Direct Action and Alternatives) and my heart is with them. 

I can transform how I live it in the here and now. I can join with like-minded persons and we can co-create the space we want to claim for this phase of our life’s journey.

Friday, June 24, 2020 I will be meeting with a group of @ 7 women. We have been lamenting our presence in a faith tradition that shames us. I will seriously question what alternatives we see for ourselves now? I will share with them my Vision Statement of Week 3.

I will invite those who are interested in exploring alternatives to meet again. I will suggest that we begin to flesh out what we can take from the vision statement that we developed over a year ago. What of it can come to life in the here and now that is within our control? We will co-create our present as mature disciples and in the image of quantum entanglement.

Quantum Entanglement

2 thoughts on “Discern Dream Scheme Week 4 – Incarnation – Diane

  1. Dear Diane, I admire and support your goals for this time in your life! Sadly, the hierarchy has been unwilling to move forward (I think because they don’t want to give up their power), but that doesn’t mean that the Spirit is not at work. Now more than ever, I think She is working to inspire more and more of us to keep adding our own grains of sand. You are doing your part. Do not feel like it’s not worth it or not working. It is! You are part of that transformation. I encourage you to keep adding your bit to this work. You matter! Blessings.

  2. I have a philosophy that has guided my work life these past two years as I complete this final phase of my career. It goes like this: “I focus maniacally on what I can control, I focus on what I can influence, I work with or around what I can neither control nor influence.” Like you, I don’t have the energy to fight the big battles at this point in my career, and this mantra has helped alleviate a lot of the frustration in my work life. I see your plan as being along these same lies. You can’t control how our misogynistic and misguided hierarchy leads this church but you can work around it. Forming a small group of like minded women, a house church of sorts, is something you can control. Your fellow participants will be blessed by your work.

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