The Dream of a New Church

I realize now that I have two dreams: one for my self and one for my work.  I have confused the two since they are so related, but with the help of this community, I have now discovered their distinctness.  (And now that I have reached clarity, my next post will be on goal setting.)

Dream for Me:  Being Accompanied

I dream of a community for women and men who feel drawn to belong to a group of other individuals who have also committed their life to serve God and God’s people and live a Christ-centered life. 

These individuals may be clergy, religious or lay, but all are seen as equals in our desire and practice of living a life centered on the Gospel.  Inclusive language will be used in all our worship and prayer practice. Roles in the community will be solely based on desires, gifts and talents. 

We will share life together but not necessarily live under one roof. We will pattern ourselves in the life of religious communities wherein each member will have a small community to share life with regardless of living situation. 

Sharing life would mean weekly gatherings for prayer, meal, and sharing of stories.

We will meet quarterly as a larger group for shared experiences. These could be for talks, discussion, or outings. 

An annual week-long retreat will also be scheduled. Members can come for the whole week or for just a few days. The directed part of the retreat would be for the few days and the other times would be self-directed but with shared mealtimes. 

This would be like creating a new church community. One that is more collaborative in nature and one that has more freedom to really live out the Gospel as Jesus did. We would meet weekly for eucharist that is done in a more inclusive format. I and others would still have the option belong to our own parish community or religious congregation, but this group would very much be like a church or religious community as well.

Dream for My Work: Accompanying

I dream of accompanying others in their own faith journey and in living a life of fullness.  This is more fluid and I feel in many ways, I’m already living it. I continue to be open in being led by the Holy Spirit on this.

My desire is to somehow find a way of being paid to do the work that I feel God has called me to do. While I don’t really need the money, it’s the dignity of work that I seek.

4 thoughts on “The Dream of a New Church

  1. Hello again Rose! I really appreciate your words here. It is wonderful that you have been able to narrow down your two goals into two main categories. I can see how the Lord is using you in the manner of accompaniment. I am happy to accompany you on this journey within our Beech Learning Group and our overall workshop. Keep up this amazing and hard work!

  2. Rose, thank you for sharing your dream with us. It sounds wonderful and makes me want to be part of that community as well! I believe that is how Jesus truly dreamed we could all live together. What specific step/s will you take next to begin moving in this direction? I congratulate you in sharing in our small group that you realized you didn’t need to ask “permission” to do this, but rather you will move ahead and do it. What might be some of the obstacles that you might face in doing this? How can you invite others who may put up resistance to bring down their walls? What can you do to keep yourself supported by others in your efforts to bring this dream to birth? I think it will be important to try to think ahead of some obstacles you might face so you know how to deal with them. Blessings.

  3. Dear Rose,
    The part of your vision that stands out to me is how it resembles the life described in the acts of the apostles, and how “may be clergy, religious or lay, but all are seen as equals in our desire and practice of living a life centered on the Gospel.” This type of community is prophetic because it breaks down barriers of clericalism and allows a sharing of gifts. I have hope for your vision, because most of my friends where I live hope for something similar: community life which takes cues from religious life but includes married couples, families, and singles.
    I will be praying with you and continue listening with the Holy Spirit!

  4. Rose, thank you for sharing these dreams and for your powerful sharing in our group yesterday. As I prepare to offer further feedback, John chapter 14 and the passage we used in our prayer on Monday comes up: “Very truly, I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these…” Jesus is the one saying these words. Can you imagine Jesus saying them to you? As Jesus says these words to you, how do you respond?

    I invite you to re-read chapter 14 and see what resonates with you at this time.

    One last question…is it possible that God is offering you even more than two dreams?

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