I’m grateful there is another week dedicated to this work of making my dream real and actionable because my goal is still very much in the realm of nebulous! I can think of plenty of short-term goals to keep myself busy but when it comes to the big picture vocational dream I shared in my post last week, I feel at a loss for how to articulate it in the form of a concrete goal or create specific targets and action steps.

The invitation to think about micro-habits reminded me of a fun book by SARK called Make Your Creative Dreams Real. The subtitle is “A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, and People Who Would Really Rather Sleep All Day.” I can relate!! This morning I read the chapter on micromovements which SARK describes as “a very tiny action that anyone can take toward some part of his or her creative dream. It’s 5 seconds to 5 minutes in length, and you write it down, along with a gentle date and time for completion.” I hope that a series of micromovements over the next week will move me in the direction of articulating my dream in the form of a more defined goal and a concrete action plan. So for now, here is my list of micromovements:

  • Make a micromovement wheel 
  • Assign one micromovement to each day for the next two weeks 
  • Order Alice Walker books – In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens and Anything We Love Can Be Saved
  • Order bell hooks All About Love 
  • Ask Karen about virtual sessions
  • Talk to Julio about connecting with other interracial couples 
  • Start a list of elements of the cura 
  • Start google folder for my ministry dreams
  • Name google folder for my ministry dreams
  • Print Sr. Corita Kent’s studio rules
  • Set up a time to talk to Julio about my vision
  • Send Julio my writing from DDS
  • Set up a time to talk to Grace about my vision
  • Set up time to talk to Sarah Holst about my vision
  • Set up time to talk to Rhetta about my vision
  • Set up time to talk to Shalom about decolonizing church
  • Set up time to talk to Jenn about my vision 
  • Start an email to my wisdom circle
  • Add another prayer/quote to my ritual notebook in the “preparing to lead ritual” section
  • Wear my medicine pouch each day during prayer time 
  • Wear my medicine pouch during check-ins with re/generators 

3 thoughts on “Micromovements

  1. Hey, Clare. I can learn from micro-movements. This is grand. This morning after a veeeery late night writing, micro is all I can handle. Like this is a day for morning pajamas and evening pajamas. Sleeping between costume changes sounds sublime. FIR at 9:00. I set two alarms. Keep stepping. You’ll get there one at a time. 😊

  2. This is glorious, dear Claire! I love the approach of micromovements. All of the hard, intentional, relational development and inner work you have been about has left you well-positioned and well-resourced as you keep moving forward. I’d love to see the micromovement wheel, if you’re willing to share it. Blessings on each and all of the micromovements.

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