The Grace of Beginning

The Grace of Beginning – This stuck out to me from the closing prayer on Monday.

Ah, grace – how often I forget to name it and ask for it. This workshop has put me back in touch with the invitation to name what it is that I need and to listen with the “loving ear of my heart” (a saying from a past spiritual director) what God desires for me.

The movements of each week of this workshop have been profound for my life in this exact time and exact space. This opportunity came at a time when my heart really needed it and I feel so nourished in this process of discovery of self and community – I am so grateful.

I have some goals – Casey’s video was helpful in reminding me that it may only be one or two A YEAR. So, below I have three… to keep in focus throughout my life on a daily or weekly basis.

Practical/Professional Goal for Summer

  • Seize the opportunity during independent study and professional development this summer to be prepared and energized for the new school year. I want to set students up for success even in the uncertainty to come and I know I need to do work… which will be (if all things go right) rewarding, but also tiring (we are all in the unknown in education!)

Personal Goal

  • Finding stillness. By myself. With no one around me. (In quarantine I am not taking time for myself. I realized this when I started to write for this workshop – it was the only real, honest time I had with myself!)

Engagement Goal

  • Be generous every day. Marselys and I show generosity differently and we are learning that… along with so many other things as we find ourselves a newly engaged couple living in my mom’s house. We are learning how to live with one another and that is honestly so much fun, but also hard. I didn’t know it was going to be this kinda hard. So, I want to be creative and learn new ways to express and receive generosity from my partner.

4 thoughts on “The Grace of Beginning

  1. Stephanie–Wow! “Be generous every day.” What a way to be, especially with your partner, but it makes me think that it’s something we all should practice with each other. Like you, during this quarantine, I’ve found myself busier than ever, and initially I thought it would allow for more quiet time. And, you’re right; you can find that stillness and meditation in writing.

  2. Stephanie, I am struck by your honesty and thoughtfulness. Your goals are inspiring and really resonate with me. I wonder, though, if you might me a little more specific in your engagement goals. Do you have any specific ideas about how you could be creative? I would bet you do.

  3. I just want to continue to affirm you! I am tracking you with your goals, and the one that stands out to me most is the stillness with God. That is authentic time. In that you-and-God time, whatever is emerging emerges. Yes.
    Just want to also continue to say that there is continuity between your dreams and your marriage. They are of the same cloth!

  4. I love your three simple (and yet so complicated) goals. You are practicing presence, responding to your circumstances and thinking how best to respond to them rather than trying to force things that don’t fit.

    How do you plan to practice stillness and be by yourself? What activities help cultivate the “authentic time” that Leah names in the post above? Prayer, meditation, writing, walking, etc?

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