Is setting a goal, a goal?

Is setting a goal, a goal?

The whole idea of a goal causes me angst. I always felt that if you have a goal and it is remotely possible to meet that goal, then you must go for it.  But lately I feel old and tired and don’t know if I can meet a goal.  So, for me it is a goal just to set a goal.

Here is my goal.  I have 40 years’ experience in Bereavement ministry, and I want to write a book.  Actually, I want to write a workbook for people to plan funerals.  I want it to be a little different with many choices of readings and music. The task seems overwhelming right now but yesterday in my small group 2 women offered to help me.  I still can’t believe that.  What kind, generous pastoral women. Maybe with help I can do this or at least get it started.

It has been a bad week for me as far as church goes.  Two good friends of mine who are church workers were told by their pastor that their hours would be cut from 40 to 30 and thus their salaries. They will have more specific job descriptions that they are to meet. Basically, they are supposed to do the same job in less time for less money. I have lost sleep over this one. Those of you who work in church settings know how many interruptions there are in a day at any church.  I think they should close their doors and put up a sign that says “I am working on my job description chores and do not have time to be interrupted unless you are a job description.”  Or something similar. Another friend said this just mean that the church needs to have more volunteers. Between the 2 of them, they have given somewhere between 40 to 50 years of service to this parish. Something is terribly wrong here when we treat people like they ae not important and totally replaceable.

Sorry to rant but I am questioning church in general and now in particular. Is a church just a religious business?  If so, then they should be taxed.  Part of me says to hell with the church.  Do Not work for the church.  It could break your heart.

Back to my goal. I want to begin.  You all have given me incentive to begin.

2 thoughts on “Is setting a goal, a goal?

  1. Ruth, I really want to see you write this book. For support, I recommend checking out the Collegeville Institute. You also have my email address. This is a book that needs to be written.

  2. YES! Setting a goal is a goal! I resonate with that. It feels like such a big step in and of itself.

    And as I mentioned in our meeting on Wednesday, I am so very interested in this workbook you wish to create. What an amazing and necessary resource! I can imagine this being circulated in certain parishes and in intentional eucharistic communities and other progressive Catholic circles. There’s so much expansion that can happen that could help make funerals more personalized and the bereavment process healthier and more holistic. New readings and prayers and music can really go a long way.

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