Goals for the Second Millennium

Grow as a Leader/Organizer in ISAIAH

  • Bring 50 people to the 5,000 who will call swing districts in MN between August and November 2020 to reach more than 300,00 voters in order to flip the Senate to Democrat majority.  Will require developing/nurturing relationships with colleagues, acquaintances and friends in one-to-ones to engage them in the work.
  • Work to win the November 2020 by electing Democrat majorities in both MN House and Senate.  Will require developing/nurturing public relationships with candidates; will do this in concert with a team. Will also require engaging in a communications campaign involving social media and letters-to-the-editor.
  • Work in 2021 MN legislative session to pass paid family and medical leave; MN Care for all; an immigrant bill of rights; restore the right to vote for felons who’ve done their time; full funding for child care assistance; fully funded public education system; reform and transformation of the state’s system of policing and public safety.  Will require developing/nurturing relationships with newly elected and re-elected public officials; and to do this in concert with a team.  Will also requiring re-engaging with friends/colleagues on the issues and to invite them to work with me. Use of social media/communications is also essential. 

Take time off in Summer 2021 to be with family and friends for long periods of rest and relaxation. 

  • Plan a family vacation/reunion to be with siblings and their spouses, children and their spouses, and grandchildren.
  • Take time for travel with long-time college friend.
    • Take time off for retreat, prayer, swimming, yoga, education.

4 thoughts on “Goals for the Second Millennium

  1. Arline, I so admire you dedication to the causes for which you work. I am becoming even more convinced you should be open to thinking about elected office. I am glad to see that you included time off, because the beginning of your post looked daunting. Can you take some time for yourself before 2021? Of course, I know that will be here before we know it.

  2. Arline, after being with you in the breakout room and hearing more of the story of how you came to your passion for social justice, I appreciate all the more all you have offered here about your community organizing work with ISAIAH. I wonder – what is it that will keep you energized and motivated and focused to do all the work you describe in the first part of your post? What do you need from Jesus to sustain and nourish you in all that you describe?

    And, as Pat said, I am delighted to see that you included rest in your plan for 2021. I wonder what steps you may need to take now to ensure that happens – blocking off dates on the calendar? Informing family and friends of your plans so they can plan, too?

    Giving thanks for your passion and for all the lives that will be impacted for the better because of ISAIAH’s work.

  3. We missed you on Wed., Arline, but were so glad you were doing your ministry! Snaps again for running for elected office, if that call emerges. If you ever desire to do it, we are here to tell you that we see it in you.

    My favorite part of your post was also the rest. Planning an extended rest is clutch. My eye goes to “retreat, prayer, swimming, yoga, education.”
    Do you get to do yoga now?

  4. Arline, your goals are so wonderfully concrete! They’re big but you have a sense of the little steps that lead toward the bigger picture. I also agree that the goals for rest and restoration are so important. Do you feel like you have a “team” to do these organizing projects with? The ISAIAH folks? It seems to be like having a core team to work with must make all the difference.

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