Bringing to Light the voices of women – with help from ALL

I am working to organize regular prayer services during the time of the Pope’s commission on the study of women deacons. Pope Francis opened 2020 with a strong call to acknowledge the dignity of women, end violence against them and stop the exploitation of women’s bodies. “Will 2020 be turning point for women at the Vatican?” By Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service.  Keep up to date via: Catholic Women Deacons’ website.


My dream is to work with any interested participants of the Discern|Dream|Scheme workshop, those “Called to inspire” to help collaborate on creating a prayer space via online connection….to look for those interested in developing prayers, and to find Prayer Leaders throughout the year…to also find participants who are willing and committed to pray together and celebrate the work that women do in our church.

Our group will need Prayer Creators, Prayer Leaders, Readers, and tech support for zoom and of course Participants! My first step is to identify who from DDS cohort is interested and on what level.  I have created a VERY short survey form to gauge your interest. Please click here to complete the survey.

In addition to bringing awareness to the Papal Commission, these prayer times will celebrate and show respect for the work that women have done in the past and continue to do on a regular basis in our churches.  The Spirit has gifted us with a time of uprising! 

We are invited into the mysterious dance of Word becoming flesh. Incarnation…so what has been whispered, we might “speak in the light” and “proclaim on the housetops”!!!

For the first meeting, I am hoping to join Future Church on 7/22/2020 for the Feast of Mary Magdalene, and then plan to invite another group of supporters to what I call, the “After party” to celebrate personal stories. I plan to use pieces and parts of existing prayers for honoring women based on one created for the past two years on the feast of Mary Magdalene.  Two other simple sources include:

There are many possibilities of prayer options to use, but the richest experience will come from the cooperation of many.

I would love to invite all those who feel called to be Deacons. I am hoping to reach Future Church First 100 Women.  We could join with other men and women who support those called. Because of the virus it is not practical this year to meet in person, but technology has allowed us to meet virtually without geographic boundaries.  After the initial meeting, I hope that all participants will spread the invite to friends and supporters, to pastors and bishops to join in our prayer.  Eventually, my motivation for completing the goal will be to educate many parishioners, priests, and bishops and to begin dialogues about the topic of women deacons at parish level at same time national level  (via zoom or other technologies).

2 thoughts on “Bringing to Light the voices of women – with help from ALL

  1. Firstly, the artwork shown on the survey is really beautiful!

    Secondly, I want to be able to participate in this in some form, but my schedule for July is so turbulent, and I need things to settle a bit before I even begin to think about the months afterwards.

    Thirdly is something that I’ve found myself wrestling with for the past few years and your work brings this to the forefront of my mind. As someone who is non-binary, but often presents as female and is recognized as female and therefore gets lumped into the category of “woman” whether or not I want to be, where do people like me belong in this conversation of women deacons and women’s ordination?

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