Wk 3 Reflection: Ready?!

I enjoyed this week’s exercise in visioning and imagining. I sense that this is the space I have been yearning for – a big table with lots of folks around it. This is a vision which remains in stark contrast to what is currently possible and safe during the pandemic. And, in a parallel way, I have been struggling with how to imagine ministry for the fall semester at work. I’ve been remaining with all the limitations, rather than visioning what could be, what a more expansive and unique approach to campus ministry in this time can look like – and that it can be generative and life-giving.

I’m still sitting with the questions and wisdom from my learning group Royal Palm and, particularly, Kayla and Maggie’s comments about where I am at the table. I am so quick to envision others and I get nervous imagining where I’ll be. I know I am a connector and convener. I know I am a leader, one who is engaging and enthusiastic and joyful. I am trying to navigate how to claim my power and authority, knowing that it is not a power over or an authoritative hand without consultation or consensus-building. I am often the one in my friend group organizing any gathering. Sometimes I resent this as I wish someone else would take responsibility, but it is a skill I have. I would like to explore more of what that skill looks like in church spaces, in opportunities to network and support women, supporting one another in this labor of love of building and incarnating God’s reign.

I am entering into week 4 of this workshop feeling excited to start scheming. This whole getting to details and goal-setting with follow-through is often where I need accountability partners, so I look forward to journeying with you all.

One thought on “Wk 3 Reflection: Ready?!

  1. I really feel you on this one Lisa. Connectors and lovers of process sometimes overlook their own authority, development and vision in that process. You are a great connector and convener, which is one definition of leadership. Look forward to accountability partnering with you Lisa – and reflecting on your naming of my potential call as a “vocations promoter” for Jesuit women… <3 🙂 +

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