Starting with myself

I dream big. Envisioning and imagining all the steps to go from where I am to where I intend to be seems to come easy. However, that ease with dreaming and then imagining the steps may be significantly contributing to how frequently I take on more than I can realistically hold effectively.

In this workshop, especially this week, I’ve learned the need to grapple with and address “the log” in my own eye when it comes to scheduling and valuing my time. I ask others to be discipline with their schedules so they don’t “waste” my time when they are late to meetings etc. However, even though my summer began on the 16th, I still have not scheduled my time for either the Family of Jesus or OneGood.

This workshop is intended to be a space to support these initiatives and I still haven’t completed the simple step of creating a calendar for the time I plan to invest. With this evening’s late (I just realized today that the reflection was intended to be submitted by Friday night, not Saturday night) post I commit to putting together a schedule before I go to sleep tomorrow.

I will focus on addressing the areas where I haven’t kept my word, before I invite anyone else to honor theirs. Thank you all for maintaining the space that I’ve needed to be able to recognize this important area of growth.

One thought on “Starting with myself

  1. si se puede! honoring our time and honoring the time of others is important. the one thing i have learned when it comes to scheduling is to also be flexible with myself and with others as life happens in the most unexpected of ways. i have found it helpful to actually put into my calendar “respond to emails” “exercise” “read” so that i can actually do the things i hope to accomplish and it blocks the time out so that others can’t schedule over it. we need to mindful of our areas of growth but not get stuck in beating ourselves up. you got this!

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