Week Three – Reflection Script

As I re-read my paragraphs, then I do feel that the program that I want to bring forth is something that could bring the healing and support for women that I want to share.  I get a sense that it is something that I can contribute to others to help them find healing.

God, what are you calling me to do?  What would you like me to contribute to make your world a better place?  Please show me.

I feel called to be more empathetic and empathic with the hurts and wounds of other women.  I must feel their suffering in myself in order to be able to help hold them up.  However, I cannot do that by myself.  In order to help carry others, I need to go deeper in my prayer, otherwise, I will be overwhelmed with the suffering that exists in their lives.  So how can I do that?  I need to sit holding in my mind and heart the pain of someone so that I can bring it to God to help me hold it, look at it and offer it to God.  I am not able to heal others, but God can do so through me if I open myself to bring into my heart those who are hurting in some way.  I can do that every day.

As I have shared my experience of this workshop with a few others, I have realized that I want to dream bigger and I would love to have a team of women work with me to really build something, an organization that could have far-reaching effects in helping many women become empowered to be their best and most wonderful women God is calling them, dreaming of them to be.  I can only do so much, and I also don’t want to work alone.  I believe that as women, we are meant to support, encourage, cheer on, help, build up, accompany, and lift up other women, especially.  That is what I want to bring forth to others.  God, if you want me to bring this dream to a reality, then you are going to have to help me and open the doors I will need to walk through.  I will do my part; please do yours.

6 thoughts on “Week Three – Reflection Script

  1. I think we need community and mutual support to be able to help carry and heal others. Nobody can carry such weight on their own, and the way God helps us do it is to bring us into a community where we can lift each other up together. You’re right to not want to work alone. Do you see any doors you could knock on to try to find the kind of community you’re looking for?

    1. Hi Lillian, I don’t have any clear view yet of who I might be able to tap, but I’m starting to get some ideas. Thank you for confirming to me the need for community. That is what I want and will keep asking God to send to me. If this is really something God wants me to do, then God is going to have to send me some help. I will wait for the Spirit to speak. Blessings.

  2. Jenny, I think you are articulating your dream very clearly in this reflection and from the center of what you most feel called to do. Yes, holding the pain of women (Latina women as you mention) and encouraging their healing takes a deep spirituality and a community of women in pastoral ministry supporting one another in this work. As you know, I too am thinking about supporting the healing of deep generational wounds of Latina women. Let’s stay connected as we figure out our next steps.

    1. Yes, Ellie, I think it’s important to stay connected. I hope to continue our working together in whatever way God allows us. Thank you. Blessings.

    1. Rose, I have actually heard of it, a long time ago. I had forgotten it, but appreciate you reminding me of it again. Blessings.

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