Reflection week 3

I reflected this week on my dream and I have read others. Such beautiful dreams and such visions and such opening of hearts. Feel so blessed to be sharing in everyone’s graces. During our group time I was asked where will you share your liturgy? I was a little bit saddened to think “certainly not in my own church.” But then thinking about the courageous souls in my group, I am now pondering “how” and “where more.”

This past week a local pastor called out racism in our Catholic Church. He posted his words on Facebook. He was interviewed on the news. My dear mother-in-law said he surely will be canonized a saint some day. And then said “wait…he already is a saint.” I am realizing that I dream of my own courage to voice truths and my faith and my heart.

This courage is important because as I was reflecting on my dream and sharing it with my two oldest children who are young adults at age 26 and 23. They asked why I stay in our local parish that frustrates me and is so hurtful sometimes. I guess I feel that if I am frustrated then others might be as well. Should I be like Ezekiel and take to heart God’s call to “ask bones to come back to life.” I know God is showing me how but “how do I do it?” God says “I have spoken.  I will do it.”

I think I need my messages in the sky moment. I will start looking and listening more…may God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit…O Great Love…lead kindly light. My dream is how to embody Mary Magdalene’s hands.

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  1. It’s an excellent question. Why stay? Does it bring you closer to God? If so, then it is a true sacrifice (from sacer, to be made holy).

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