From WTF to yay God, a rambling jumble of words about visioning

I know that I am posting late.  What can I say life is beautifully complex and time is a fluid social construct.  Also, I’m latinx…our understanding and embodiment of time is different.  My tardiness in posting I think is a reflection of the difficulty I am having with envisioning the vision.  I have more questions than answers and my questions led to more questions.  I share my stream of queerying conciousness below; I am mindful that it is not the traditional post or writing.  I share my questions, thought quirks, and other randomness as a way of writing them into possibility for myself and hopefully some of them will spark insights in you.  

Want to make Goddess laugh, tell Her your plans! 

WTF … so appropriate in response to so many things as it has so many meanings, especially for all that is happening in me and around me. 

How do I live into a calling that is all of me?  Is all of me welcome?  I am tired of having to compartmentalize myself for other’s comfort.  How can this queer trans Latinx diva who is a social worker and activist theologian who is married, balding, neurodiverse, and a child of immigrants (and a whole lot more) place all of who I am into a calling?  Is it perhaps callings?   The response I felt from the sacred was “yassss, queen, I want all of you…you better werk”  (perhaps God is the original drag queen). 

I would often tell others to dream big.  In reflecting on this for myself, I found myself responding I have a creatively expansive and vivid imagination.  Spirit’s response was “bring it on.”  I once went to a lecture in which the speaker shared that the divine speaks to us in our dreams.  My query at the moment is wondering if there is a geek squad for broken dream receivers?  What is Goddess dreaming in me?

Be your trancestors and ancestors wildest dream … we are not alone on this journey, there are many who travel with us.  How am I continuing the legacies I have inherited?  How will those who come after me embody my wildest dreams? 

Is it selfish to set aside time to grapple with calling and vocations and visions and ministries?  There are people who are literally being killed and silenced right now.  What is the calling in the now and in the present?  How do we live in the tension of now with the possibilities of not yet?   With all that is happening in the world, is “Let Go and Let God” safe? 

The lyrics to Avalon’s “Dreams I Dream for You” permeated me.   The “dreams I dream for you are deeper than the ones your clinging to … let the old dreams die and take this cup I offer…”. Powerful and eekifying words.  These dreams have helped me survive for so long, its hard to let go.  The sacred response I received was “delfin, I want you to thrive.”  I’ve been in survival mode for so long, what would thriving look like?  It is tempting to get caught up in comparing myself to others … “they have it all together” … “what have I done with my life” … “this is not what was supposed to happen, by now I should have…”.  And God reminded me several times that I need to stop and recognize that I’ve done a lot of things, the directions may rerouted as the roads of life have shifted and some are under construction.  Also, everyone is a hot mess whether they show it or not.   Amazing things have happened, are happening, and will happen. 

It is said that Mother Teresa once said that God has given her a number of things to do but that she was so far behind she would never die.   I feel like I am constantly playing catch-up, showing up late, getting caught in the fluidity of time.  I find myself creating a to do list for the to do list of the to do list.  Thank Goddess for her patience!!!

Vision … sight … seeking … eyeballs.  What are the spiritual carrots that are helping me with visioning?  Do I need glasses?  Is there a such thing as spiritual lasik surgery? 

Who is the “thou” in “Be Though my Vision”?  Am I God’s vision?  Is Goddess my vision?  Are we each other’s visions and how are we visioning together? 

Throw glitter, not shade.  Need to percolate with this…also, again is Goddess a drag superstar?

Thanks Goddess for being patient with me.  Yay God!

I am mindful that this a ramble and jumble of many things.  I am a social worker, educator, theologian, and activist; this is just the scratching of the surface.  As a person who is living into intersectional wholeness and fierceness, I am realizing that calling and ministry is plural…the various threads create a tapestry adding much needed pizzazz to life (for myself and through me for others).   How do we break binary thinking and delve deeper in order to weave the strands individually and collectively—what is the third way of vocational discernment and scheming?  At this point in my life I am figuring out how to intermingle these aspects of my calling and resisting the many frameworks that try to silo them and ultimately compartmentalize my spirit and personhood.  Its all connected; I just need to percolate with the connections (and perhaps make sure I have the right adaptors). 

This is a link to the song I shared about above as I reflected, re-reflected, re-re-reflected.  It’s a throw back to my good ol’ catholic fundamentalist days whose lyrics take on new meaning today:

2 thoughts on “From WTF to yay God, a rambling jumble of words about visioning

  1. Each of us are an amazing tapestry, woven by the master weaver and together we make an even more amazing tapestry! A calling that is all of you…are you alone in your identity? Have you ever been involved with Dignity USA? I don’t know a lot about them, I only know that my husband’s uncle found a home there after years of feeling cut off from the RC church. Maybe that’s a stepping stone? I don’t really know for sure, I’m just offering a suggestion. The Reformation resulted in new and different ways to be Christian. Maybe we are living through a reformation and shouldn’t be so fixated on fixing what might not be able to be fixed. I don’t know. This is something I am praying about.

  2. These words caught my attention: “The sacred response I received was “delfin, I want you to thrive.” I’ve been in survival mode for so long, what would thriving look like?”

    I hear and wonder the same thing. I’m not sure for myself. Not only is this hazy or uncertain; I don’t even know where to begin looking. I didn’t get a sense of what that would look like for you, either. I think we should challenge each other to focus on envisioning this.

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