Prompt Week 3 – What is my dream?

I dream of a church that is collaborative, where we all can be a part of the decision making and everyone’s voice matters and is heard.  A church where men and women are seen as equals and all worthy, where no one is dismissed or disrespected, but is appreciated and accepted.  A church that is no longer patriarchal and sex-obsessed as if sex was the worst of all sins.  Instead, everyone is welcome to be part of the community, no matter what, and all are accepted as one in the Body of Christ.  I dream of a church where the hurting and wounded can come to find solace, healing, support and comfort for all their ills and hurts.

I would like to have available a community of support and healing, especially for Latina women who may have suffered from their past and where they can find solace and a balm for their weary hearts and souls.  A community that will encourage them to become the women that God is calling them to be so that they can be fully human and fully alive people.  A community that listens, encourages, celebrates and accompanies all on the journey to where we are all going.  A community that creates a church where we are truly one and recognize that we all belong to each other as we belong to God.

Actually, if I am really honest with myself, I’m having a difficult time going down deep enough to really bring forth a big dream. I kind of feel like I have copped out and kind of reiterated a lot of what others have said about the kind of church they would like to see. But in reality, I would like to see that kind of church too. Maybe I’m just not used to dreaming big without any boundaries or limitations, but I really can relate to the church that many have envisioned. I would like to be part of that church myself.

2 thoughts on “Prompt Week 3 – What is my dream?

  1. Jenny, I think the vision you articulated is a VERY big dream. I share in that dream. I also personally struggled with dreaming big without boundaries or limitations. I created a narrow project that seemed huge and out of this world to me…but once I read others dream, I saw how much I left unarticulated.

  2. Hi Jenny, thank you for sharing these dreams. There are multiple big dreams in your post. To try and take a look at how we might observe/discern the spirits in your post, I’d like to invite you to re-read the first and second paragraphs as if they are their own unique posts.

    Then once you are in touch with how powerful each of those paragraphs truly is, I invite to look at your last paragraph with God. As I read it, I have a very different sense than what I experience within the first two paragraphs. As you read the third paragraph with God, how do you sense God responds?

    Is there anything God wants to draw you back to from the first two paragraphs?

    Thank you again for your sharing and for your leadership within our small group. I feel so blessed to be on this journey with you and to have your wisdom to support me.

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