Reflection Script 1: Closer than our very breath

In deepening into the lens of “home,” and sitting with Luke’s questions about what home feels like, I am growing in a sense of home as embodied experience more that place or location.  Especially as I spent some good hours kayaking, hiking, and practicing yoga this week, and finding moments of intimacy with God in those experiences, home right now feels like that which is contained by my skin. 

I have been holding the mystery of the Eucharist in approaching Corpus Christi, and reflecting particularly on what that means in a time of not gathering for Mass together. I joined Jeannine and her mother in the rosary over video chat Thursday night and found myself extemporizing on how every human body carries God’s image in introducing the mystery on the Institution of the Eucharist. Jenny’s comment offered the frame of grounding and mission – it seems grounding in the body is a part of being home (reading Henri Nouwen on “coming home to the body”), and perhaps mission flows from that.

“Sing, dance, move, take a meditative walk, and engaged other embodied practices” is part of the “Another Way Manifesto.”  More and more I realize Spirit works when my brain is “off” and I am moving my body or sleeping (the call of Samuel came in his sleep, and I have had in nighttime dreams or in the in-between of waking and sleep graces and insights). I used to roll my eyes when yoga teachers said “we store our repressed emotions in our hips,” but there seems to be something to this as I seek to deepen into healing. Though my natural tendency is to write in my journal or have a long conversation with a trusted friend as I am discerning, grace seems to flow when my mind is quiet and I am resting or

I’m also grateful for Jenny’s invitation to dream big and vision wildly and boldly, as I can jump very quickly to the practical (eg – well, how would I get health insurance?).  Also while praying the luminous mysteries with Jeannine and her mom this week, I thought of Mary at the wedding at Cana as a model for this big dreaming.  After all, she is the one who prompts Jesus to take action, who can see the problem and (in my imagining) could look at those large water jars and envision them full of the best wine instead of jumping to the practical and dismissing it as a crazy idea.

An afterthought which I am not sure how to weave in to the above: Dr Cecilia Gonzalez Andrieu offers the image of a wildfire as analogy for state of the Church in her lecture – and that was before COVID-19 and the latest round of racial justice uprising!  My housemate Deb said yesterday (as we were in a state park) that when she worked in Yellowstone, it was after the major wildfires that the wildflowers bloom most fully. There is something to wildflowers blooming after destruction of wildfires. Something that weaves into my conversation with Casey about claiming power, weaves into the witness of undocumented students with whom I shared in a “coming out of the shadows” (and fundraiser for BLM Chicago) event on Zoom today, weaves into the tenacity of the Spirit in working despite clunky institutional structures.

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