Following God’s Lead

This week was wonderful for so many reasons. Starting off the work-week with our prayer and guided meditation set the tone for all that unfolded.

I’m sorry that my post is late again…my commitment and my schedule have yet to align.

What I learned this week wasn’t anything new as much as a greater depth of understanding. As we concluded our Spiritual Direction Practicum, one of our teachers, George Murphy, S.J., reminded us that God is ultimately the “director” and the more we learn from God the more effective we will be at this important ministry.

This week there were multiple opportunities to attempt my own way of doing things or to slow down a moment and let God be the guide. Fortunately, on at least a few occasions I asked for God to lead. In these cases, I believe I was able to love with the heart of Jesus, see with the eyes of God and speak with the gentleness of the Holy Spirit. In moments like these, I find myself deeply moved and the sense of consolation is overwhelming.

I really enjoyed reading the posts of our small group and I appreciated the chance to hopefully offer gentle invitations to further prayerful reflection.

I also appreciated the comments/questions that I received on my post. My sense is that I’ll be answering the questions in my small group and/or in future posts in greater detail, but for now I would describe my current feelings around starting the Family of Jesus as how I imagine Jesus felt after his Baptism when “a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, the Beloved, with whom I am well pleased.”

I imagine Jesus felt great clarity and a sense of confidence that comes from that level of support. I also imagine there were moments when he needed to return to God with a question like, “How about now?” Haha. Thank you all and thank you God for joining us on this journey.

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