Reflection on My Righteous Anger

Am I an angry person? I surprised myself with the title of my post, because I don’t think most people who know me would characterize me that way. In fact, I am actually a quiet person. I am uncomfortable with discord in my relationships and generally try to reconcile with those whom I feel I may have offended. I am more often the peacemaker. When faced with injustice, though, I burn! However, I am still an introvert, so it was in college when I was taken into the fold of a beautiful, thoughtful, compassionate group of women that I found a way to express my anger. Marching with signs, staging sit-ins, singing songs of solidarity were part of the times with which I resonated. Then, more recently, in the January after Trump was elected, I joined the Women’s March with a group from my church and we shared that we had not thought at our age we would once again be doing this. During this past couple of weeks, I have felt bad about not participating in the protests because of my age and underlying health conditions. I feel particularly bad because I see these protests, especially in my city, as so much more diverse and so much more unifying than others I have seen around the racial justice issue. In these marches, I have seen evidence of a solidarity in diversity that demonstrates an example of what can be when people listen to each other and build relationships. A big part of who I am believes that affirmation is more effective than condemnation, so, in order to effect change, I can see a role for me as a peacemaker who chooses to affirm the positive changes when I see them, but also helping to promote them by actively listening to those with whom I disagree. Don’t get me wrong, though. I see the power in numbers and, when the time is right, and I am able, I would still join a peaceful protest to ensure justice for all. I appreciate the feedback from my cohort that have led to my further examination of myself.

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