Rose Lue’s Bio

My name is Rose Lue and I was born in the Philippines. I came to this country when I was 13. I have my own immigrant story. I also have a story of childhood dream still being realized and coming to be fulfilled in a way that only a God of surprises can.

I have a passion for people, community and fullness of life. My childhood dream was to be a missionary doctor. I longed to provide healing and care to those who are not being served. I still dream of doing just that even though I’m ending up with a graduate degree in Pastoral Ministries instead of Medicine.

I am an Advanced Lay Leader in the Diocese of San Jose which is a funky name given to lay women and men who finish formation with the permanent deacons. I prefer to call myself an unordained deacon.

I am also a trained spiritual director although I only have a few clients in a traditional setting. I apply the art and practice of spiritual direction in ways I accompany people on their journey as people of God.

I am a member of the Life, Peace, Justice Commission of the Diocese of San Jose and I’m part of the diocesan committee for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. I am on the strategy team for growing a broad-based organization in my area, participate in restorative justice ministry, and an active member of my local parish, St. Simon in Los Altos, CA. 

3 thoughts on “Rose Lue’s Bio

  1. Hi Rose – I am in awe of the range of your presence to the people of your community. I look forward to learning more of your unique immigrant story and how it has shaped the choices you have been able to make. Diane

  2. Hi Rose,
    So what does an “unordained” deacon do in the diocese of San Jose? So interesting. Can’t wait to hear more!

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