Autobiography: Covenant of God

Hello, everyone! I am excited to be included in this wonderful workshop. I am thirty years old and live in northern Arizona even though I am originally from southern California. Here in Arizona, I live in my cozy home with my partner, his son, my partner’s mom, and my brother-in-law. We have four dogs (two are English mastiffs) and a cat.

My birth mother passed away from cancer in 1992. Her early death as well as her connection to the saints is why I have always thrived from praying to her as well as my other spiritual ancestors. My dad remarried when I was in the fourth grade. I refer to my step-mother as “mom” and I am close to my parents who still live in California. I am blessed with six older siblings. In regards to academics, after thirteen years of Catholic school, I received my Associate of Arts from Palomar College. I eventually transferred to Northern Arizona University in 2016. I graduated in December 2019 with my Bachelor of Arts Degree in English.

2020 has been about me transitioning off of disability and entering the workforce for the first time. It has been quite a roller coaster. I work part-time for my local public school district in an after-school program. I started this awesome job only in March 2020 and after my first six days, the current pandemic hit and we had to work from home by creating a digital library of enrichment activities. This year I have applied to 140 jobs and six graduate programs. In the past two days, I have started preparing for my school district’s summer program that begins on Monday. I received word that I am being considered for an amazing Spanish language teacher aide position at one of the local elementary schools. Also over these past two days, I have been accepted to three graduate programs!

I titled this post “Covenant of God” because that is who I am. My name is the English translation of the Greek version of the Hebrew name “Elisheva”. This is “Elizabeth” in English. My Dad once told me that the reason that he and my mom named me Elizabeth is because the Blessed Mother supports us all so much that it can be taken for granted that there is a unique saint known for supporting her. By recalling my own name, my goal is to remind myself to not let my anxiety and bipolar disorder get the best of my trust in God’s plan for me. I need to remember I am here to fulfill God’s Covenant of Salvation with all His people. I am ready to learn to affirm a stronger trust in the Lord, and I welcome the opportunity to be on this journey with you all.

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  1. I loved reading about your name. My granddaughter’s name is Elizabeth Ann, Mary’s cousin and Mar’s mom. I was so happy my daughter chose those names! Congratulations on getting accepted to graduate programs. I am an education junkie, good luck with your studies!

  2. Dear Beth, I admire your stamina and energy! Congratulations on your acceptance to the three programs!! You seem like a powerhouse of energy. I’m sure God will use you to bring about whatever you are meant to do. Blessings as you move forward!

  3. Hi Beth – I am touched by your courage, and your willingness to share your vulnerabilities. Your indomitable spirit flows through and I am looking forward to our shared time with each other this June. Diane

  4. So many challenges overcome to arrive at this moment. So many new possibilities converging to lead you forward. God’s presence in your life is as evident as your faithful and courageous response. May this time grace you with all you need and desire.

  5. Elizabeth – I look forward to your posts, and to the ways God’s covenant with you, is manifest in your unfolding desires, interest and curiosity about the diaconate in the Church. Grateful you are here.

  6. Elizabeth, after hearing you last night and your seeking answers to your many questions, is it possible you are “talking too much” with God and not listening enough to God’s voice? I don’t mean that in a negative way. Sometimes when we want answers, especially quickly, we must learn to listen more attentively. Is it possible for you to sit in front of the Blessed Sacrament, even virtually to just BE, without saying or asking anything? If you don’t know of any virtual Blessed Sacrament, you can look here. It might help. You must give it time though. Blessings.

  7. Hi Elizabeth, I’m so glad to be in your small group! Thank you for your sharing and your honesty. I really look forward to all that the coming weeks will bring. For my feedback, I want to offer back to you what struck me from your post and see if taking another few moments with your words will result in any movements in your prayer.

    “By recalling my own name, my goal is to remind myself to not let my anxiety and bipolar disorder get the best of my trust in God’s plan for me.” – From this sentence, I invite you to sit with, “”By recalling my own name, my goal is to remind myself…of my trust in God’s plan for me.”

    The next sentence is, “I need to remember I am here to fulfill God’s Covenant of Salvation with all His people.” This is such a powerful statement. YOU are here to FULFILL GOD’S COVENANT of Salvation WITH ALL His PEOPLE.

    The last phrase I invite you to sit with is, “I am ready to learn to affirm a stronger trust in the Lord…” Wow. If you sat with, “I…trust in the Lord.” what comes up in your prayer?

    1. Thank you, Daniel, for providing me with the most moving and useful prayer tool I have had in many months. Thank you for giving me this as a gift. Your feedback helps me very much and it is a gift for me.

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