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Greetings all! I look forward to joining this workshop. I hope to get some specifically about next steps I can take in my UCC path. I also want to learn and process and make further peace with my Catholic roots, influences and groundings. I have a few nudgings that are germinating about ways to lead/serve.

This process of reading and reacting will be challenging because I still like to read hard copies of things! I’m trying to figure out how this all works!

I’m ok and have embraced online learning, meeting, gathering ala zoom (primarily)

A new saint that I have just recently learned about is Ruth Duck.  She has been a pioneer in inclusive and expansive language in the UCC context. I am also doing a worship workshop this summer and her book is the text book. There are no coincidences. I found and read of prayer from her book when it was my turn to lead the weekly meeting of an local inter-faith advocacy group:

 My prayer after hearing the evening news: ‘God, creator of this spinning globe, peopled by humankind, all of who you love – hear us on this new day, at the beginning of a new era that is potentially fearsome and dangerous. Forgive us as individuals and congregations, as congresses and state departments, presidents, prime ministers, parliament, as common, ordinary citizens. Forgive our reliance upon ourselves and our own resources for the management of our disagreements. Forgive us our dependence on violence to settle our conflicts. Change us – from defenseless to defended; from fearful to confident; from closed to open; from shaken to courageous, In the risk and work of establishing peace, justice, equality – right here, over there, everywhere. Amen.’

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  1. Hi Mimi (not sure if that is the name you use) – I appreciated your prayer and the image of going from shaken to courageous stayed with me. We will walk the changes together and I look forward to it. Diane

  2. As a music minister I’ve loved Ruth Duck’s work for years Her choice to use accessible common hymn tunes and the inclusive imagery of her creative texts can provide a spacious landing place in a repertoire of hymnody that is often anything but that. To use them in worship can stretch the imagination in a good without requiring engagement in the inclusive language wars. Thank you for sharing her prayer.

    The learning curve of new apps these days is an exercise in technology as paschal mystery. Worth it, but oy vey!

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