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Thank you for inviting me to share my story with you. It is an unfolding story. I was born in Alberta, raised in Saskatchewan, educated in Ontario, seasoned in Buffalo NY and seared in Uganda. Early in my collage years I came across a saying by G.K Chesterton, that spoke to me, “Try to grow straight and life will bend you.”  In many ways this has been my strength and my undoing. 

Schooled in pre-Vatican II, I thought that my life’s work was to jump over life and get to heaven. Vatican II opened pathways that were more humane, and my Social Work profession took me into the streets and pain of the universe in ways that opened me beyond my imagination.

As a Social Worker I kept my head low and worked in Catholic Charities of Buffalo for 35 years. I trusted that I was doing the work of justice while not doing the work of the institutional church. I was in for an awaking.

Upon my retirement I taught Social Work in a fledging MSW program in a hard right Christian University in Uganda. The RC church in the country was no different. My experience in the community required me to redo my understanding of myself and of my presence in the cosmos. I returned broken and have spent the ensuing 8 years in a process of healing and searching for a way to name systemic injustice wherever it is found and to challenge it in ways that are possible and authentic to who I am and am becoming.

I am now seeking to be cosmically aware, present to evolutionary unfolding of mystery and living maturely within a community of seekers. This is what leads me to Discern, Dream, Scheme.

I will take with me on this journey Diarmuid O’Murchu, who appropriates the Reign of God as companionship of empowerment.  And I will sing with Leonard Cohen’s Anthem.

I look forward to our journeying together as we share and weave a new narrative of how we want to be in our universe.

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  1. Diane, I wish you healing and peace as you continue your journey to wherever the Spirit leads you! Blessings to you, Jenny

  2. Thank you so much for sharing with vulnerability your story. I have found Diarmuid O’Murchu to be eye opening, and I love how you write about cosmic awareness. Your words reminded me to look beyond the community and country where I live.

  3. I love that even as you speak of being retired, you also speak of who you are [still] becoming. I plan to retire in three years (or less) and I, too, think of this as a new beginning for me. That is part of the reason I am in this group, to discern who I am and who I am becoming. Thank you for your words of encouragement and vulnerability.

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