Welcome Week & Opening Prompt

During the week of May 31 – June 6th 

Please write and publish the following by Wednesday, June 3rd

  1. Write a short bio that goes with your author page. 
    1. Please don’t be shy and humble here. Let us know what you’ve done, what you’re proud of, what various affiliations and institutional settings you find yourself in. 
  2. Write an opening post in response to the following prompt: 
    1. What goal or intention do you have for this workshop? What are you wanting to bring to this space? What risks do you want to take? Is there a way you want to try to relate here, that is new or stretches you? 
    2. (Optional) Name a saint, living or deceased, canonized or unrecognized formally — who you want to invoke and invite to walk with you in this workshop. Let their presence be a reminder that we enter into this work with a mighty cloud of witnesses, that we can call upon to intercede, to give us strength and encouragement. 

With all prompts – do not feel pressured to answer all the questions. We invite you to contemplate the questions, and whichever one speaks or sparks you — to respond to that. Or if it leads you somewhere else, where you didn’t expect to go — trust that. 

We are not trying to tightly regulate a space — but to create a container for the un-contained God to move and animate your writing and visioning. 

For this week – help us get to know you. And give yourself the gift of marking out some of your own intention for this workshop. You are welcome to draw from your application responses. 

Optional additional prompt for Welcome Week

  • Share a book or work of art you love (song, poem, painting) – tell us about it — why do you love it? 

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